We are a specialized faith-based ministry dedicated to providing Recovery and Prevention education in all areas of recovery issues .


Life Recovery Ministries, Inc. is a non-denominational, not for profit religious-exempt recovery educational organization. We are an addition to the many churches and organizations that have referred their members and staff to LRM since the fall of 2000.


Seeing the Signs

Adult and childhood relationships can be torn apart by divorce, alcoholism, various addictions, different types of abuse, parental abandonment (either emotional or physical), unmet emotional needs, mental illness and many other damaging behaviors.

Our Goal

To assist individuals and families to help break destructive lifestyles. We believe that addictive and compulsive behaviors are a direct result from how we were mentored or raised during our childhood and teenage years.

Some of those dysfunctional behaviors may not be easy for you to identify because your family's behavior just seemed normal to you.


In an atmosphere of love and acceptance, the individual or family is taught proven recovery and spiritual approaches for understanding and dealing with the root causes of these damaging behaviors, addictions and dysfunctional lifestyles.

Through our educational workshops, support groups, and certified recovery counseling, the individual or family is taught various coping skills, mind and spirit renewal that will equip the person to successfully handle high-risk feelings and situations. These dynamic proven models will set the stage for a long-term recovery and a restored inner peace with God, yourself and others.